Warees Halal's Customers

Warees Halal's customers comprises of 3 areas . Firstly they are the overseas customers which mainly customers in China which had close links with their local companies in Singapore. Secondly, are the customers who had engaged Warees Halal's consultation services to obtain halal certification. Thirdly, are customers who had only attended training for Halal.

The difference between Warees Halal different and its competitors

The differentiation factor that Warees Halal has over its competitors is that Warees Halal has strong links with Muis and Apart from this, Warees Halal is the only training provider for Halal training in Singapore.

Who are your primary customers?

Warees Halal's primary customers are the local-based customers in Singapore for instance.

Customers' perceptions of Warees Halal
客户对 Warees-Halal公司的感受

Based on testimonials from customers of Warees Halal, for instance as stated by the Singapore Representative Manager of Mongolia Mengniu Milk Industry (Group) Co., Ltd (China), Terry Deng had commended that Warees Halal demonstrates a high degree of credibility and professionalism in its international Halal certification programme. They conducted an intensive in-house training in China and our management team completed the programme with a very good understanding on the concepts processes and requirements of Muis' Halal certification. Warees Halal is an important partner to us.
Warees-Halal公司的客户推荐,例如由蒙古蒙牛乳业集团(中国)的新加坡代表经理Terry Deng曾称赞Warees-Halal公司证明信誉度高、专业化的国际清真认证计划。他们在中国进行的内部强化培训,让我们的管理层更好的理解了MUIS清真认证的概念、要求和认证过程。Warees-Halal公司是我们重要的合作伙伴。

Warees Halal's comprehensive consultation programme allows me to complete my HalMQ documentations in less than four weeks. With their professionalism and in-depth knowledge on the Halal industry, I can easily source for alternative Halal ingredients in a short span of time. Their value-added marketing programme allows me to reach out to Muslim clients effectively.

Weaknesses 弱点

M-commerce Applications 移动商务运行

Report II 报告2

Business Model 商业模式

Business Model for Warees Halal   Warees 清真公司的商业模式

Based on the earlier analysis that we have done on Warees Halal, Warees IT have decided to go for a wired B2B and a wireless B2b model. Taking into consideration that at present, Warees Halal do not have an existing web application and the current infrastructure Warees IT have decided to propose 2 solutions to be used.
基于前面我们对warees清真公司的分析,Warees IT已经决定完成一个有线B2B和无线B2B模式。考虑到目前warees清真佛年公司没有现有的Web应用程序和现有的基础设施,IT部门已决定提出要用2解决方案。

Solution 1解决方案1
To create a web application using the Force.com to capture real-time information 创建使用Force.com捕捉实时信息的Web应用程序;
Solution 2解决方案2
Make use of the ip利用知识产权。

This can be clearly seen in the diagram below

Justification for choosing this model 
Warees IT have done studies of the different types of business model had been used by the other competitors in Warees and we have discovered that it was not feasible to have global halal e-marketplace for due to the small geographic What Warees Halal need to focus.
Warees的IT部门已经对不同类型的商业模式的进行了研究,其中有一些商业模式正是其他竞争对手正在使用的,我们发现由于地理因素的限制现在没有可行的全球性的清真在线网上交易市场,这也是正是Warees 的IT正在重点关注的。


The following are the benefits of having

As it is using the force.com platform.它是利用Force.com的平台。

Better management and allow better communication between Warees Halal Staff and their customers.

It will also provide a common platform for Warees Halal customers to
IT Strategy

Developing a simple structured website based on the model selected
Firstly, we to find out Initial analysis showed

Budget Needed for E-Commerce / M-Commerce Implementation
Budget for Sales Force Infrastructure
Also explain whether it is affordable for your company to expand from e-commerce to m-commerce business
Using the Force.Com for cost savings
Explain the time required to implement the infrastructure (model) of e-commerce to m-commerce
Implementation Strategy & Comparison
使用 Force.com来节约成本;

Explain how you are going to implement your new business plan in these new areas (e.g B2B or B2C or Collaboration business?)
Explain the main differences between the old and new plans
Explain the newly introduced challenges and risks in your new model (e.g technical & staff & customer & vendor challenges)

Technical Challenges技术挑战

Staff Challenges员工的挑战

Customer Challenges客户的挑战

Explain the new user interface look (e.g screenshots and other illustrations if necessary)

Draw storyboard (design) for each site and take the screenshots of each screen to tally your sites with the storyboard. Lastly critically analyze the user interface(s) for each site.

Critically analyze the user interface(s)
Figure 2: Rough sketch of Staff Login Page to access Mademoiselle Closet Enterprise Data System
Figure 2: Staff Login Page to access the Warees E-Halal System
图2:员工登录页面访问warees e-halal系统;


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